1 thought on “Woman Beware Woman”

  1. Somewhat interesting, but I found it very difficult to discern now and past, real and imaginary, thought and spoken, related and not. Could be me, I suppose.

  2. This book was on my to read list for decades. I'm glad I finally read it. Certainly not your basic schmaltzy Irish fiction. After five years' absence, Minnie returns to the home of her mother's friend, Moura, the woman who she loyally considers her second mother. The home in southwestern Ireland is the principal house in the village and stands above the others on a cliff.Moura's husband has suddenly died under mysterious circumstances and the suspicions run rampant. Minnie is curiously silent an [...]

  3. An irish castle on the West coast. A priveleged socialist raconteur. A lady of the manor who paints and gardens. The stalwart hired help. The quietly hysterical jilted woman. The vaguely threatening locals. Argy bargy at the shop counter. You've got to be good to bring together all these cliches into something unique and entertaining, and Tennant is good. Very good. Like Midsommer Murders but better.

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