Last Tales

Last Tales is a collection of twelve of the last tales that Isak Dinesen wrote before her death in 1962 They include seven tales from Albondocani, a projected novel that was never completed The Caryatids, an unfinished Gothic tale of a couple bedeviled by an old letter and a gypsy s spell and three tales of winter, including Converse at Night in Copenhagen, a drunkeLast Tales is a collection of twelve of the last tales that Isak Dinesen wrote before her death in 1962 They include seven tales from Albondocani, a projected novel that was never completed The Caryatids, an unfinished Gothic tale of a couple bedeviled by an old letter and a gypsy s spell and three tales of winter, including Converse at Night in Copenhagen, a drunken, all night conversation between a boy king, a prostitute, and a poor young poet.
Last Tales Last Tales is a collection of twelve of the last tales that Isak Dinesen wrote before her death in They include seven tales from Albondocani a projected novel that was never completed The Caryat

  • Title: Last Tales
  • Author: Isak Dinesen Karen Blixen
  • ISBN: 9780679736400
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. To get to Rungstedlund from Copenhagen, one takes a train. One walks from the station, past a farm that seems bred Norwegian Fjords, past a restaurant, to the harbor, where ones turns left. Shortly thereafter, you are at the home of Isak Dinesen. It is a white house surrounded by green. It seems to exist in its own world. When I was there, it wasn’t very crowded, and most of the visitors were older, causing me to wonder if they were coming because of the books or because of the movie with Mery [...]

    2. Dinesen blends art and philosophy in an engaging way in many of these tales, particularly in the "Tales from Albondocani". Though not all part of the same story, the “Tales from Albondocani” nevertheless serve as strands that are woven together to suggest a philosophy of nothing else than that to which they owe their existence: story-telling. Dinesen takes her philosophy of story-telling not just to aesthetic levels but also to theological ones, as she draws parallels between finding meaning [...]

    3. I only read The Blank Page (which was a requirement for my English 11 class), and I would be outrageously lying if I said that I understood the tale in my first reading. In fact, much that I hate to admit this, I had to read this story of merely 1,000 words or so repeatedly to be able to comprehend what it was all about. No, it wasn't the writing that was particularly hard to understand was the prose in its entirety. What was the plot? What really was it all about? What significance did those li [...]

    4. She's a simply gorgeous writer.I've been thinking about story-telling ever since I read it, weeks ago; there are a couple of stories here which either reference story telling, or are outright about it. You'll never read anything like her, and yet I can only really describe her by comparing her - to Victor Hugo or Somerset Maugham, the way that all three have of diving deeply into their characters' mind, of telling a story that is truly about a person, because it is of and in them but that's not [...]

    5. Overall this book is a real swan song for those who are familiar with Dinesen/Blixen’s work, and the worst place to start for those who aren’t. This collection is a mix of Blixen’s unfinished work, structured in three groupings of stories. Two of these, New Gothic Tales and New Winter’s Tales, refer back to Blixen’s earlier collections. The third one is taken from The Albondocani, an Arabian Nights-esque novel of interweaving tales that was never finished. While I think that Last Tales [...]

    6. Not as compelling plot-wise, or as complex theme-wise, or as deep character-wise, or as rich language-wise, as Seven Gothic Tales or Winter’s Tales. But then again, those are two of the greatest books I’ve ever read, so take the three star rating with a grain of salt. It’s probably a little unrealistic to expect that she could sustain that level of brilliance throughout her entire career. Anyway, though this was something of a disappointment, I don’t remotely regret reading it, and I sti [...]

    7. I picked this book up from Arkbooks in Copenhagen (an English language bookseller) as I wanted to grab some works by Danish authors while there on holiday. As much as I knew a collection of Karen Blixen stories wasn't likely to be my thing, given my experience with Out of Africa, but I tried keeping an open mind throughout the book. Ultimately while I recognize her skill as a storyteller the themes and cast of characters weren't accessible for me. That doesn't make this a poor collection it just [...]

    8. Except for the last story, there are some excellent tales, stories within stories, and captivating visuals here. The catch: most of them are unfinished. And I don't think these were written intentionally without closure. They are simply unfinished. The yarns unfold like a thread of fairy tales, grisly ones. Incest, witchcraft, curses are in order. How and where did she get all this material? I really should read up on Isak Dinesen's biography

    9. If you don't mind the eerie feeling that the author managed to peek into all the ugliest corners of your soul one day when you weren't looking and is now painting your naked existence into what is either a tragedy or a comedy but you're not sure which--or if, like me, you rather like that feeling--Isak Dinesen is for you.

    10. I was fairly amused with the bio, which said that the author married her cousin (my immature sense of humour). These are tales that you can imagine someone telling you, full of easily imagined characters and random offshoots. The stories were varied, but one of the problems I have with short stories is that you never really lose yourself in them.

    11. K. Blixon's imagination seems to reside in 19th century Italy and France. Devastating family secrets, child-brides, dynastic wealth, Catholicism, puppeteers, and betrayed sculptors dance before the reader in a layered experience that blends the fantastically picturesque with nuanced spiritual portraits.

    12. mmm probably not the ideal dinesen for me to start with. very disjointed, only some of which ascends to something that clicks her prose is fine enough, but bad call on the book. back to dinesen drawing board

    13. Reading this is like going through a departed friend's last letters. Revealing in person and life craft intent; sometimes scattered and silly; mostly equally bold and mysterious, inventive, and warmly endearing. Karen/Isak is a masterful classical lit storyteller. Beguiling.

    14. Rereading this because of "The Blank Page," upon a friend's suggestion (you know who you are!) I love what she writes about the art of narrative vs. character study and how these are 2 profoundly different ways of storytelling (this is in "The Cardinal's First Tale."

    15. Shelving and rating this simply for the short story "The Blank Page" which I first read in college.

    16. Wonderful descriptive, mood-setting, philosophical prose. Many left me hanging at the end, feeling the ending was never written. Not as god as Seven Gothic Tales or Out of Africa.

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