Leviathan Wakes

James S.A Corey delivers compelling SF that ranks with the best in the field In Leviathan Wakes, ice miner Jim Holden is making a haul from the rings of Saturn when he and his crew encounter an abandoned ship, the Scopuli Uncovering a terrifying secret, Jim bears the weight of impending catastrophe At the same time, a detective has been hired by well heeled parents toJames S.A Corey delivers compelling SF that ranks with the best in the field In Leviathan Wakes, ice miner Jim Holden is making a haul from the rings of Saturn when he and his crew encounter an abandoned ship, the Scopuli Uncovering a terrifying secret, Jim bears the weight of impending catastrophe At the same time, a detective has been hired by well heeled parents to find a missing girl, and the investigator s search leads him right to the Scopuli.
Leviathan Wakes James S A Corey delivers compelling SF that ranks with the best in the field In Leviathan Wakes ice miner Jim Holden is making a haul from the rings of Saturn when he and his crew encounter an abando

  • Title: Leviathan Wakes
  • Author: James S.A. Corey
  • ISBN: 9780316390682
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I complained in my review of Chasm City that the gee-whiz mechanics of space opera can't really sustain a 600-page narrative. It turns out I was perhaps incorrect: most of the lengthy examples I've sampled in the sub-genre (Alastair Reynolds, Iain M. Banks) are of the "dark and gritty" variety, grim, nihilistic visions of the future starring amoral asshole protagonists who are impossible to sympathize with. Even with a bunch of cool ideas on display, spending 700 pages in these books is exhausti [...]

    2. I've been gorking out on Urban Fantasy and Romance lately, so mixing it with a FANTASTIC Space Opera was JUST what I needed!I loved this book because in a lot of ways it humanized a BIG SF world in a way that is normally tough. I cared about the characters, I yelled at them a lot, and I enjoyed every minute! It felt modern and current, and created a really believable world that I wanted to live in and learn about. The politics of Earth vs Mars vs the Fringers, the mystery and vaguely noir-ish su [...]

    3. I got nobody to blame but myself for this….I’ve had a long-standing policy that I will not read an unfinished sci-fi/fantasy series because I spent over a decade waiting for a certain master of horror to get off his ass and finish what he started. Plus, I have no urge to join the ranks of fans of other fantasy writers who seem to spend more time coming up with excuses and side projects rather than producing new books to finish their on-going series.Ignorance isn’t a good defense, but it’ [...]

    4. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsHere's another Jessica quirk: I LOVE sci-fi on screen, but I rarely like reading it. I have no idea why. Some things just are. BUT. I binge-watched The Expanse last week, and it was good enough that it made me curious. There were no giant-insects-as-aliens, no surplus of tech gobbledygook, and no discernible artificial intelligence (the things that make me avoid sci-fi literature, even though I can usually handle the movie version), and what there was was mysteriously mys [...]

    5. EH? EH! this so-called space opera is anything but. no sense of wonder, no sense of truly divergent civilizations, no galactic span. and a clear lack of operatic emotions on display as well. perhaps this is due to the characterization, which is rote, uninteresting, and badly developed, with sub-par Firefly-style dialogue along for the ride. perhaps it is also due to the subject matter, which is confined to purely in-system politics between Earth and Mars (the two reigning superpowers) and the as [...]

    6. ”Way I see it, there’s three ways this can go,” Miller said. “One, we find your ship still in dock, get the meds we need, and maybe we live. Two, we try to get to the ship, and along the way we run into a bunch of mafia thugs. Die gloriously in a hail of bullets. Three, we sit here and leak out of our eyes and assholes.”Well, really, the story begins when some alien species shoot a payload of virus at Earth and misses. This virus is capable of turning the human race into piles of nasty [...]

    7. Leviathan Wakes broke my reading slump! Listlessly slogging my way through various reads--a couple of which came highly recommended--I was starting to wonder if it I had lost my book love. Then I picked this up for a Book o' the Month read. Expecting a detail dense sci-fi, within the first few pages I found myself hooked, and by page 100, thoroughly reeled in by this hefty genre mash-up. Space opera? Perhaps. Horror? Maybe. Military? Sort of. Mystery in space? Yes, definitely. And if by the end [...]

    8. A fair option of new science-fiction book seriesESH SCIENCE FICTIONI have a lot of curiousity about this series since it seemed like a very good option in new sci-fi. I mean, out of the obvious well-known sci-fi space opera books in the market, this "Expanse" series sounded like a good way to read something fresh in the field of sci-fi.And I was right. I liked the book. First of all, maybe you already know but anyway, I want to mention that "James S.A. Corey", the author, is a pen name used by t [...]

    9. Actual rating: 4.5 stars.Leviathan Wakes is a joint venture of Daniel Abraham, writer of the Long Prince Quartet and The Dagger and the Coin series, and Ty Franck, George R.R. Martin’s former assistant and science fiction writer. They are writing under the pen name James S.A. Corey.This is the first installment of The Expanse series which, at this point, has seven novels already published which means two things; the series is very successful and I’m very late to this party.I did some researc [...]

    10. Rating: 2.5* of five**UPDATE 22 December 2016** This is a mea-culpa of epic proportions. Syfy did a stellar job of making this series. I couldn't have been more wrong about the series, though I still don't like the books. This YouTube video of a Google Talk from 2014 is a terrific proof of why the series works so well. Excellent television! Binge on the series at Prime for the holidays.**UPDATE 6 September 2013** More Suckass News Dept, from SFSignal: "Variety is reporting that scribes Mark Ferg [...]

    11. Confession Time: I'm very bad at categorizing genres and sub-genres, so it didn't dawn on me that Leviathan Wakes would be considered a "space opera" until I saw it in the genre listing on the book's page. I still don't really know what that is (space opera, not a page), despite having read the page and stuff. I think of "space opera" and this comes to mind: Probably not the same thing. But I did realize that my last attempt at reading a "space opera", The Warrior's Apprentice, left me distin [...]

    12. James Holden is a crewman on an ice mining ship near Saturn that runs across an abandoned ship and quickly finds itself ambushed. But what does that have to do with a detective on Ceres tasked with finding a missing rich girl and bringing her back to Earth?I'm only seven years late to the party on this but what's the point of watching a TV show based on a book without being able to annoy everyone by pointing out the differences? One of my earliest memories was watching the re-release of the orig [...]

    13. 3.75ish stars.Good, old-fashioned outer space sci-fi. It's obviously influenced by the old-school greats, and if I'm being honest, doesn't add a lot of novelty to the genre, but it broke me out of a deadly reading slump for which I'll be forever grateful. Who knew such a chunkster could be such a fast read?There's some awesome world-building going on, particularly the disparity between the inner and outer planets, and the differences in physiology of their respective inhabitants. The tension bet [...]

    14. 3.75 - This space opera meets crime noir is a great start to a series I'm looking forward to continuing!

    15. The beginning of the Expanse novels, a fantastic world building space opera.Set in a future where the solar system has been colonized, the furthest planets – outside the asteroid belt is culturally separated from the inner planets. Mars has become a system wide power.The authors (James S.A. Corey is the pen name for two collaborators) have done an exceptional job at imagining and describing a post-colonization universe where the technical demands of deep space exploration and colonization, and [...]

    16. This is one of the many reasons why having friends is so awesome.I would have never read, much less even heard of this book had it not been for some GRs buddies with impeccable taste. And believe me, it took some coaxing to get me to read a 560 page space odyssey. It's a real page-turner, they said, and indeed, it was. You'll fly through it in no time, I was told, and indeed, I would have, had I not picked one of the busiest weeks of my life to read it. This book should ideally be read in as cl [...]

    17. Once again Daniel Abraham, IE James S.A Corey delivers in a big way. It's amazing how his writing changes to fit the genre and yet stays the same in delivering the human elements and subtlety that I love so much. This book is so multi layered encompassing space opera, detective thriller mystery, military combat, a potential dystopian pandemicd yet it's the characters that drive the story. Their little personality quirks, childhood traumas coming back, parental issues, relationship scars both pas [...]

    18. This was so far outside my comfort zone that I am not all that sure how to review the book. I did enjoy it (for the most part) and I am planning on continuing with the series but I had some issues with parts of it.This is relatively hard science fiction compared to some other books in the genre I have read and I have to admit that some of the rather drawn-out descriptions of life in the Belt and of galactic war did make my eyes glaze over. I am not very good at visualising fighting scenes; and m [...]

    19. [4.5 Stars] Ugh, I absolutely loved this one. It got half a star knocked off because I felt like the women in the book were really just there because they were love interests. I wanted something a bit more. I think we will get that, but still I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH OH MY GOODNESS. Miller, Miller I just can't.

    20. *** 4.25 ***A buddy read with the Fantasy Buddy Reading Group! Because at times Sci-Fi is just what the Doctor ordered:) This was much better than I expected. I am not sure why all the positive reviews and the blurbs did not give me much confidence, but I am very happy to be proven wrong. The writing is top-notch. It is stripped of embellishments and very reminiscent of the old Pulp-Noir of the first half of the 20th century and as such, I am a big fan:) It reeks of testosterone and is a bit vag [...]

    21. Authors foresee lots of trouble between humans making a living (hypothetically) in the asteroid belt of our solar system (or beyond) and those closer to home. Don’t believe me? Check out The Quiet War or Cold as Ice.As you can see, the themes dealt with in Leviathan Wakes aren’t new. The blurb, drawing parallels with Peter F. Hamilton, is accurate enough, although any number of authors might have been referenced, interchangeably. That said… this book is a strangely rewarding beast, given s [...]

    22. This is the first "inter-solar" space opera I have ever read (or remember reading). The era of the setting is also interesting, neither the near future nor particularly far-flung. This is set at a time where space colonization has been going on for some years but mankind is still restricted to our solar system, intergalactic travels are still a dream, or a science fiction concept. The year is not indicated in the book so my guess is about 100 years from now, 200 tops!The book is an interesting h [...]

    23. I'm not usually a fan of crime novels or crime noir, whatever you want to call them. I also can't watch CSI or NCIS because even though I acknowledge they are well done, I've even been known to enjoy them on occasion, they tend to be the same cookie-cutter plot.However, add a little science fiction and the mix can be brilliant as demonstrated in Leviathan Wakes.Leviathan Wakes (LW) takes place solely in our solar system, which is a rare thing for most SF works it seems and yet it felt just as fu [...]

    24. 4.75“There were two sides fighting—that was true enough—but they weren’t the inner planets versus the Belters. They were the people who thought it was a good idea to kill people who looked or acted differently against the people who didn’t.” There are many quotes I could have chosen but this one hit on one of the big themes and tropes of this novel - duality. James S.A. Corey (pen name of authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) offers us an exhilarating novel that uses dichotomy on nea [...]

    25. Fantastic Space-Opera! I didn't know what to expect when I picked up the book besides the basic premise, and yet I was slowly drawn into situation after situation that got bigger and more bad-ass, contrary to what I was expecting in the first hundred pages or so. Sure, Solar-system action, big haulers, warships I didn't expect the scope to become as large as it soon became, and believe me, I was quite satisfied with what came next. War? No problem. Expectation of high-level manipulation? Again, [...]

    26. I've been hearing good things about this series for a while now and I'm so glad I finally got around to picking it up. What a fantastic start to what I can only imagine will be a great scifi series!I loved the way the universe was set up, the way we've colonised the solar system but haven't managed to get further due to very practical concerns such as water and air. The political structure is really well set up and makes for a fantastic story.Most interesting perhaps is the difference between th [...]

    27. Love. Yes, folks, it is love at second sight. I liked this book quite a bit the first time around, when I'd listened to the audiobook. Here's my review of that listen, from 2012. It's interesting to look back at that review now, as I enjoyed the book quite a bit more this time around. The things that annoyed me on that earlier review didn't bug me at all this time. So I'm not sure if that's that I prefer the reading to the listening, or if I'm just getting more of the fine detail this time throu [...]

    28. (music: The Pastels - "Cycle (My Bloody Valentine remix)")When Holden and his crew go check on an abadoned ship 'Scopuli' they find a secret and something that could (view spoiler)[(and does) (hide spoiler)] start a war. There is a certain missing girl of a wealthy family to be found, for detective Miller - of planet Ceres - that has been on this ship, who is now missing(view spoiler)[, though clues will come fast (hide spoiler)]. What kind of damage can this secret make, if allowed to continue [...]

    29. ★★★☆☆“There’s a lot of science fiction that talks about the near future. There’s a lot about great galaxy-spanning empires of the distant future. But there’s not much that talks about the part in between. The Expanse is playing on that bridge. Whatever drives us off Earth to the rest of the solar system or from there to the stars, the problems we have are the ones we bring with us.”The gist is that, this “space opera” is kept to the small scale, at least initially. This i [...]

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