Taste of Lacey

Lacey never thought she d be attracted to the blond hair and blue eyed type, but Rye was sexy as hell And she wanted him Badly.Scratching a sexual itch for the hell of it was virgin territory to her, but surely she could give in to the pleasure he offered, if only for one night It didn t matter that he was her brother s best friend Or that her focus should be on gettinLacey never thought she d be attracted to the blond hair and blue eyed type, but Rye was sexy as hell And she wanted him Badly.Scratching a sexual itch for the hell of it was virgin territory to her, but surely she could give in to the pleasure he offered, if only for one night It didn t matter that he was her brother s best friend Or that her focus should be on getting her business on solid footing Lacey Bishop, independent, logical black female, was about to hit the sheets with the white boy next door She d question her sanity later.Ryder McKay wasn t suffering from lack of female attention, so he couldn t blame his raging need for Lacey on a dry spell Beyond her being a gorgeous woman, he didn t know what fueled his urgent hunger Her father and brother would probably want to kill him, but he d had a taste of Lacey and one just wouldn t be enough The hard part Convincing her
Taste of Lacey Lacey never thought she d be attracted to the blond hair and blue eyed type but Rye was sexy as hell And she wanted him Badly Scratching a sexual itch for the hell of it was virgin territory to her

  • Title: Taste of Lacey
  • Author: Linden Hughes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This is Lacey and Ryder’s story. The book grabbed my attention from page 1 and was a page turner and very engrossing. Both Lacey and Ryder are likable characters each with a stubborn will of their own. Their relationship is passionate, intense and romantic.Because of Ryder’s playboy past Lacey has trust issues and wonders whether their relationship can go the distance or will he play her like all the others in his past. Ryder does not give Lacey any cause to doubt him she has to deal with he [...]

    2. Love this! I never thought I'd be attracted to blond-haired, blue-eyed types either but I fell in love with Ryder. What's even more amazing to me is the one and two star ratings this book received. One comment stated the interactions of Ryder and Lacey were unreasonable, there was no build-up to their relationship. I disagree. The author explained in detail how close Ryder and Lacey's brother, Kyle were. They grew up together. Ryder and Lacey knew each other almost as close as siblings. I can se [...]

    3. Finallythis was a well written story. in the midst of not so good IR books lately this was a very good read. I highly recommend this read. Rye and Lacey had a beautiful story.

    4. What a fantastic story about Rye and Lacey.The author did such an amazing job in creating two characters so believable and life like, that you could not help but be invested in them. Ryder "Rye" McKay wasn't just your typical man, he is a straight up alpha. He was a playboy extraordinaire, the world was his oyster and he had a job that he loved.Lacey Bishop was business owner of "Thyme's Catering", she was her own woman, she walked to her own beat and she loved being who she was.Friends for a lo [...]

    5. So let me tell you about a Taste of Lacey. If Lacey ain’t the luckiest woman in the world, then I don’t know who is. Homegirl is her own woman. Homegirl is gorgeous. Homegirl finds herself in the arms of a white dude who is fine, successful, rich and is, um… packing. In the past he’s experimented with his package, which many a female has, will and wants to attest to. But now, good ole Rye has his sights set on Miss Lacey, and homeboy is working said package. Ain’t a damn thing wrong wi [...]

    6. 2.5 starsIt really could have been better. It's juste dialogue seemed silly and I couldn't "see" the characters talking and/or behaving in the given situations without rolling my eyes. There was some attempt at characterization, especially where the hero, Rye, was concerned. For instance, Rye started the wooing and courtship process of Lacey early on in the story, even though he and she were kinda a throbbing mass of humping sex first, during and until they "got it right", and his point of view [...]

    7. Contemporary HOT Romance With A Realistic AlphaTaste of Lacey is a well written, spicy romance book. My favourite authors are Sylvia Day (historical romances), Suzanne Brockmann, Pamela Clare (contemporary), Linda Howard, Lori Foster and Sara McCarty. I was searching and book websites for hot romance novels. I usually download the book, skim through it and end up returning because it's not long enough or not my cup of tea. "Taste of Lacey" is a keeper.Both the hero and heroine have very strong [...]

    8. SAME REVIEW ON Lots of people in the Facebook group I'm part of were raving about it. At first, I balked at the price but when I peeked at the sample and saw the table of contents, I knew not to take to take 's wonky pagination. Anyway, I loved Rye. The perfect mix of Alpha and sweet. The drama in the book was realistic and flowed well with the story. I loved loved Lacey's sister, Lisa, and her cousin, Monica. If the author would consider writing a love story with those two characters, I'd happi [...]

    9. "You know me as your friend, learn me as your man."4.00 stars. The above quote from this book, sums it up. Ryder "Rye" McKay has known Lacey Bishop for nearly 30 years has her neighbor and brother's BBF. One night following an event that she catered and while he waited to give her a ride home, she gets some good news, they hug and kiss and become sexually aroused and agree to a one night stand. The one nighter grows to more, but she has trouble accepting his love and faithfulness to her because [...]

    10. Laugh-out-loud good! I love this book! It has everything: Lacey, a beautiful, independent business owner, and Rye, a sexy, alpha engineer. They decide that a one night only hookup would be a good idea. Did I mention that they grew up, next door to each other and that Rye is also Lacey's brother's best friend? And believe me, brother-man is not happy! Did I also mention that Rye is tall, blue-eyed and blond and Lacey ist? Let the games begin! This book goes on the read again pile!

    11. Absolutely brilliant, well worth reading. The story, the characters and how they are portrayed is so realistic. I loved the fact that the tackle the interracial differences and how their families/friends react to them getting together. I didn't want the story to end!!! Please can we have another story with Lacey & Rye and their families especially as they touched upon the failed relationship of Monica's mother.ere's a good story there!!!

    12. Have you ever seen a very pretty woman whose beauty is obscured by a lot of bad make-up or ruined by bad plastic surgery? Well that is how this book seemed to me. Underneath it all, this had the makings of a good book but it was hampered by some pretty glaring issues. A pretty girl undone by bad make-up.Before I got this book, I read the sample and was cautiously optimistic. There were no glaring typographic or grammatical errors. The premise seemed interesting since I love the friends-to-lovers [...]

    13. OMG!-OMG!-This book was smoking hot! Ry is alpha all the way and I melted at his sexy forceful ways! The chemistry was off the charts and the way the families reacted to their interracial dating was hauntingly familiar. Definitely struck a chord in me as to the reactions I received when dating outside my race. I loved how the author showed the good, bad and the intolerance people you thought you knew could flip because you're doing something they don't consider right or normal. Thankfully Ryan w [...]

    14. I can use my exact same review (minus the italics) from Compassion for this book. Exact. Here goes: boring, cliche characters - especially the invasive parents, extremely awkward and stilted prose, purple sex scenes, awful sex talk, too much sex, lame and redundant sex, saccharine end, no plot, zero development and pacingyada yada yada. These IRRs are cookie cutter at this point. And I'm not spending money for books that can't break the mold, nor will I support authors who write such horrible pr [...]

    15. Taste of Lacey was Amazeballs! I absolutely LOVED it! Imagine growing up as next door neighbors not knowing that the person you are meant to be with is right there. Knowing Rye and his playboy ways, Lacey never looked at Ryder as anything other than her neighbor or brothers best friend. And the same goes for Rye until one night where he was helping her out at one of her events. The whole story roped me in. I swear Rye had me sweating (use of a better word) while reading this book. Lawd!!! I LOVE [...]

    16. This will not be my last time reading a book by Linden Hughes. The story was well structured and flowed really well. Also, they were limited spelling errors (which for me is one of the reasons why I gave it five stars). Lacey and Rye were on fire from the first chapter and their fiery passion for each other only grew from there. At times Lacey kind of annoyed me with her insecurities, but at the same time I understood her feelings. Rye was just the right amount of alpha for me. Overall I enjoyed [...]

    17. Oh I sooooo loved this book. I loved how Rye knew what he wanted and did not waiver AT ALL. Even though Lacey was stubborn and extra independent, Rye never let her run over him. I fell in love with Rye right along with Lacey and his parents were a hoot! I loved Lacey's character too. She showed how women can be their own worst enemy, but she swallowed her pride and fixed it. I'm ready to read it all over again!

    18. Loved Taste of LaceyNever read from this author before but I sure will be reading more. Ms.Hughes certainly crafted a very sexy romance weaving Lacey and Ryder's story that just keeps you wanting more. Great characters wonderful story supported by good dialogue just makes this book a keeper which I know I will be reading again and again. Looking for a good read for summer add this one to your list. Enjoy.

    19. Plenty good story. I out off reading this for a while because I had never reqd this author before and thought the book price was a little much for an unknown.But big, was it worth it. Rye put in on the line and also, put it on Lacey. He didn't mess around. Lacey, had all of the normal insecurities that you can expect but not so much that you hate her. Good book.

    20. great storyI expected BDSM but got that tender body worship and great hot talk during the love scenes. The possessiveness of Rye was reminiscent of typical black men but it worked well on him. Both characters were completely believable and it added to the romance. Great story

    21. Very good read. I like the story of Lacey and Ryder, this is one of the best IR romances I’ve read in a long time. This is my 1st book by this author but it won't be my last!

    22. EnjoyableEnjoyable.looking forward to the next book. The hero was strong and determine .The heroine was likable but a little weak

    23. Good book. Captured my interest quickly and I couldn't put it down. Read the book in one day. Loved the characters and loved the story.

    24. DNF at 30% I am sorry but cannot muster more patience to get through this. I already know what is going to happen and if I am bored now, I will just want to punch someone when I will get to the drama, so better to put it aside now!

    25. I loved this book. Ryder was a grade A Alpha male and was so sexy it was ridiculous. Probably the best book I've read in the best friend's sister theme. Great job with Ryder and Lacey. Their feelings just hopped off the page.

    26. This book surprised me. After a slow start, "Taste of Lacey" unfolded into a smartly written and realistic dramatic romance. I'd recently read some very cliched books which were driving me toward giving up on the IR sub-genre altogether, but "Taste of Lacey" has somewhat renewed my faith. First off -- I've never been much of a romance reader until recently. I always thought heaving bosoms, throbbing members, and ripped bodices were laughable. If I had known stories were written like this -- abou [...]

    27. It was a good book - very entertaining - the protagonists were childhood friends with a lot of history and their relationship suddenly changes. Lacey had to confront her inability to truly express her feelings and be honest with Rye and Rye had to learn that he could not control everything. It was an easy read.

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