Conversations with J.K. Rowling

The name J.K Rowling is one that is on the lips of millions of readers worldwide, but before 1997 few people knew the brilliant woman behind the phenomenally successful Harry Potter books And now, four books into the series, few yet know the real story of Ms Rowling s childhood and career as a writer This is the first and only true telling of Ms Rowling s history becaThe name J.K Rowling is one that is on the lips of millions of readers worldwide, but before 1997 few people knew the brilliant woman behind the phenomenally successful Harry Potter books And now, four books into the series, few yet know the real story of Ms Rowling s childhood and career as a writer This is the first and only true telling of Ms Rowling s history because it is in her own words, from her birth in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol, England, to the stories about her favorite and least favorite teachers in school growing up, and to the funny misunderstanding in her first fan letter It is like a visit with a friend, a friend who has brought you to tears with laughter and told the most enchanting stories you ve ever been told.
Conversations with J K Rowling The name J K Rowling is one that is on the lips of millions of readers worldwide but before few people knew the brilliant woman behind the phenomenally successful Harry Potter books And now fou

  • Title: Conversations with J.K. Rowling
  • Author: Lindsey Fraser J.K. Rowling
  • ISBN: 9780439314558
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. If you're a Harry Potter fan who knows a lot about J.K. Rowling, then you won't find much new in this slim, large-type book. But younger kids (and Muggle grownups hoping for some insight into the world of Harry Potter) will learn quite a bit about this phenomenally successful series and its unassuming author.Divided into roughly three sections, "Conversations with J.K. Rowling" begins with some fairly general questions about the author's early childhood ("Tell us about your grandparents" is wher [...]

    2. I love Harry Potter, and since this is the only "official" J.K. Rowling biography, I headed for it first. I learned a few "behind the story" items that were interesting. The middle section is just a summary of the books, so if you've read them, just skip to the last few pages where they highlight media interviews. Since this only encompassed books 1-4, I would like to see something more now that she's finished writing all seven.

    3. Nice book meant for kids, published by , capitalizing on the earlier HP craze. However, it had a nice informative interview with Rowling that I enjoyed a great deal. Verdict: Not tossing this book, yet at least! Now, on to find some book I don't want in this house!

    4. Terjawab sudah pertanyaan yang kerap muncul dalam benak saya saat membaca Harry Potter dulu perihal; ''seperti apa sih isi kepala dan masa kecil Rowling''Sebagai orang yang hobi baca buku biografi dan wawancara, buku ini terlalu tipis banget untuk seorang penulis fenomenal seperti dia. Tapi pas udah selesai baca, entah mengapa saya sudah merasa puas dan cukup.Seperti apa yang ia katakan di halaman 29,''mun aku mesti hati-hati sebab aku tidak mau pembaca tahu sama banyak seperti diriku. Misalnya [...]

    5. This is the ONLY authorized biography of J. K. Rowling. It’s basically divided into three parts. The first half of the book are questions posed to Rowling – the sorts of questions her legions of fans might want to ask. This covers her life from childhood to her unimagined success as a writer. The middle section deals with the books; only the first three had been published when this was written, though book # 4 was ready and is discussed (no spoilers). The last section revisits some of the in [...]

    6. Me compré este libro hoy en la Feria del libro porque 1º era relacionado a Harry Potter, 2º era una baratija y 3º me encanta comprar cosas relacionadas a Harry, sobre todo si son baratijas :PLo leí completo mientras volvía a casa, porque vivo asquerosamente lejos de la FIL (y porque el libro es re corto).Es una entrevista que le hicieron a J.K. en el 2000 entre la salida de El prisionero de Azkaban y El cáliz de fuego y, aunque el libro es todo un curro (consiste en una entrevistamuy cort [...]

    7. Un libricino di 85 pagine che ti incanta fino alla nausea. La prima parte del libro è dedicata ad un'intervisa con J. K. Rowling, l'autrice della saga di Harry Potter che in quel periodo (nel 2000) aveva appena pubblicato il quarto volume: Harry Potter e il calice di fuoco. L'autrice ci racconta della sua infanzia, carriera e inaspettato successo mondiale; ci spiega perché a salvare Harry dai suoi orribili zii durante il secondo volume della saga, è proprio una Ford Anglia turchese, e cosa (o [...]

    8. The first third of the book was a conversation with JKR. It's interesting to see her thought process/what she says circa 2004/GoF. The middle section of the book was summaries of the first 4 HP books. Why????? Who is going to be interested enough in Harry Potter to pick up the author's biography that hasn't read the books??? The last bit was media sound bytes and quotes. UPDATE: I legit forgot I had read this and I saw it ion my bookshelf recently and excitedly picked it up for a quick read. I g [...]

    9. Ho trovato questa breve lettura parecchio interessante. Un libro minuscolo con sole 94 pagine che mi hanno fatto scoprire tantissime cose di cui ero ancora all’oscuro sia su J. K Rowling sia su come sia nata l’idea della saga che tanto amiamo. È molto datato devo dire, risale al 2000 infatti erano stati pubblicato solamente i primi 4 libri della saga ancora e a chiusura del libro è stato scritto che la Rowling stava scrivendo il 5 romanzo della saga.Oltre a contenere un’intervista della [...]

    10. For more reviews, check out my blog Craft-CycleGood book, quick read.Growing up, I was obsessed with Harry Potter (let's be real, I still am). I am sure I read this book a few times growing up, but I didn't remember much from it, so when I came across my old copy of it, I figured it was time for a re-read. Good book overall. I especially enjoyed the interview section in which Rowling talks about her life. From there, the book is just a lot of summary of the first four books. It is interesting re [...]

    11. I laughed when I found this in my childhood bedroom - I don’t even remember getting this book! It’s an interview and review with JK Rowling from the time when the 4th book had just been published and none of the movies had come out yet. It was wild to read a review from back when the movies hadn’t been filmed and the characters had yet to be cast! I wouldn’t buy it because it’s so outdated, but there are little bits of trivia I hadn’t known before in the interview, so that was pretty [...]

    12. This is a sweet little book about J. K. Rowling. If you've read and loved the Harry Potter series, this book gives you a lot of insight and tidbits about how she came up with the story and characters. Really interesting, and thoroughly enjoyed!

    13. 2.5 . Hubiese sido un 3, pero la edición en español parece sacada de Google Traductor. Se pueden leer cosas como “La Hogwarts” y “Dobby, el geniecillo de la casa” WTF?? :S

    14. Consigliato a chi vuole sapere qualcosa in più su questa fantastica attrice e sul mondo di Harry Potter che tanto amiamo.

    15. Definitely has some good insights about Rowling's life! Left me hungry for more though, I look forward to the day when she writes her own autobiography!

    16. Even thought it was a really short book, I really enjoyed it. Many of the facts in this book are very well known or easy to find online. However, if you are like me and you are a HUGE Harry Potter buff and you enjoy just reading a ton of fun little facts all assembled in a small book. I would suggest picking up this book.

    17. The book Conversations with J.K . Rowling is packed with information and even the small details are in this book. It talks you though her whole writing life and the life before that. J.K. Rowling was very influential and a big contribute to the world. I learned in the book that she contributed thousands of dollars to charities. I recommend this book to people who like harry potter.

    18. J.K. Rowling is without doubt one of, the most successful writers of all time. Of course this was not always the case, indeed her beginnings were pretty ordinary and, like most successful people, there are many biographies already written, or in the processes of being written. And yet considering Rowling’s books are aimed primarily at children, although now read by everyone, there are no biographies aim at children. There is where 'Telling Tales - An Interview with J.K. Rowling' is so good. Th [...]

    19. I took the opportunity of a couple of spare hours and a lovely sunny day to read this book at Ollerton Heath. It's interesting to read retrospectively, being based on an interview conducted in 2000 when Rowling had still only written and published the first 3 Harry Potter books, and just the first film. Having the knowledge that she has since gone on to be even more successful is a little like having information that the author doesn't have!A simple book intended as an overview/for younger peopl [...]

    20. I was really looking forward to reading this - although it was only short and published just after the Goblet of Fire came out so isn't up to date, it's the only biography of JK Rowling available, and being a huge HP fan I had to read it.I was disappointed to find that the actual conversation with Rowling only lasted half of the book (about 50 pages) and I didn't learn many new things. I was shocked and appalled to find mistakes in the book, when, during the synopsis of the books, the author say [...]

    21. Sebuah buku yang MURAH, bukan dalam arti jelek, tapi harganya benar-benar MURAH, hanya Rp.5.000. Dan dengan GOCENG itu, saya bisa mengenal sedikit tentang siapa itu JK ROWLING--yang begitu saya gemari sejak tahun 2001, ketika seorang kawan WENSESLAUS POERWANTO, membeli secara acak sebuah buku tebal berjudul HARRY POTTER DAN KAMAR RAHASIA, padahal itu kan BUKU KEDUA setelah itu mulailah kami BERTUALANG mencari BUKU-BUKU YANG LAIN.*saya jadi teringat sekolah BERASRAMA saya yang begitu MIRIP HOGWAR [...]

    22. It was an okay book. Very short, and more of just reading one long interview. I'm not really sure if the interview was conducted by one person or multiple, but it was interesting to read some things. Of course some things I read in this book didn't match up with the "authorize biography" I read about her months ago. In that book it said she was coming back from a work conference when she got stuck on the train and came up with Harry, but in this book apparently she had just visited her boyfriend [...]

    23. This biography was meant to be read as if you were having a conversation with J.K. Rowling. Instead, it felt more like a very brief introduction to her. I was interested in finding more about the author that created Harry Potter, but I was disappointed when I didn't learn much more about her than what I already knew. There were very few facts that weren't already very well known about her. There was a total of 96 pages in this book, and the majority of it was a quick overview of the Harry Potter [...]

    24. I did not read this when it came out in 2000 but came across it recently. It's interesting to read it after the series is over and after the movies were made. It was written around the time of the release of The Goblet of Fire.It feels quite sanitized by . For example,her answer to "Did your editor at make many changes for the American edition? don't sound like her voice. I think J.K. Rowling knows American children could have handled all the original British vocabulary. Also, I've read elsewhe [...]

    25. Even though this book is extremely short and extremely easy to read I think it is just perfect for a writing lesson. Since J.K. Rowling is well known throughout the world I think this would be perfect to give students during a writing lesson because it will allow them to see that even she was not perfect in school and need help with learning to write well. Even that her characters come from some of the teachers she had, such as Snape. It will help students understand that writing is a process; p [...]

    26. I picked this up in the half price bookstore the other day expecting to find out something new about JK Rowling. I didn't expect the book to be as outdated as it was (at the time of publication, Goblet of Fire hadn't come out yet and I don't think the first movie had come Out yet), and I would love if there wasa newer version. And, maybe it's just because it's older, I knew and/or heard about 90% of the info in this book.And, as far as biographies go, it was pretty bare bones. Maybe it was direc [...]

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