Two Bunny Buddies

What happens when you have a spat with your best bunny buddy You might hop, hop, hop in different directions but when you find the juiciest berries and the sweetest clover, there won t be anyone nearby to share them Quick Hop, hop, hop back down the path to find your buddy again Even when you disagree, everything in life is much delicious with a bunny buddyWhat happens when you have a spat with your best bunny buddy You might hop, hop, hop in different directions but when you find the juiciest berries and the sweetest clover, there won t be anyone nearby to share them Quick Hop, hop, hop back down the path to find your buddy again Even when you disagree, everything in life is much delicious with a bunny buddy at your side In very few words and vibrant pictures, this is a story of a friendship, a fight, and a reconciliation just what every bunny needs to hear sometimes.
Two Bunny Buddies What happens when you have a spat with your best bunny buddy You might hop hop hop in different directions but when you find the juiciest berries and the sweetest clover there won t be anyone nearb

  • Title: Two Bunny Buddies
  • Author: Kathryn O. Galbraith Joe Cepeda
  • ISBN: 9780544176522
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Two Bunny Buddies”

    1. This is a fun book about friendship and getting along and compromise. This is a simple message that you can get along with friend even after you fight. They choose different paths and at the end of their path they find things they want to share with each other, but the other isn't there Cute, can't give it 5 stars because I didn't love the illustration and the story was good but not excellent!

    2. This book was an interesting commentary on the power of communication and how it affects friendship.(If you don't want to do something, it is not necessary to call someone a "Beetle Brain.") Minor conflict is resolved through cooperation

    3. Simple story of how we don't always want our own way. Differences are great, especially when we come together. Great little book to act out in a play or readers theater. Fun for youngsters.

    4. I ADORE these illustrations. These bunnies are beyond adorable. Simple text, classic friendship story. Would work well in story time. Highly recommended for ages 2-4.

    5. The flow is a bit awkward and the story is lacking. Two bunnies want to go different ways on a pathey fightey go their separate waysey find foodey miss each othere end up back togetherey share a snack. THE END. Nothing fancy here, folks. Better bunny books are other there.

    6. This is a very simple story of two bunny buddies who disagree on which path to take to find food. After some light name-calling , they end up splitting up and taking separate paths. One bunny finds berries and the other finds clover and both realize that their finds aren't as fun without a friend. So they both gather their food and hop back to one another to share. I think this book would work very well in a theme about manners or sharing, and it would be a decent additional choice for a theme a [...]

    7. Age: Infant-PreschoolAnimals: RabbitsThe text is sparse, but not in a good way, creating confusion between narrator and the bunny buddies, sometimes rhyming and sometimes not. I'm a little confused who the intended audience is because the bunny buddies start throwing insults at each other a few pages in--perfect for an "older" audience, but the illustrations are simple and bold, perfect for a younger audience. That being said, the only redeeming factor is that the illustrations are perfect for a [...]

    8. What a cute story that simply teaches children the importance of friendship! Sometimes we may not always agree with our best friend but somehow we always tend to work out small differences and work everything out in the end. These two bunnies could not decide which way to go to hunt for lunch. One bunny wanted to go right and the other wanted to go left. They both went their separate ways and both found delicious food to eat. They both got sad because their best friend was not there with them so [...]

    9. These two bunnies are the best of friends, but when they get hot and tired one afternoon, they end up having a huge fight, complete with name-calling. After they separate, though, they discover that life is not nearly as fun alone, and that maybe making up with a best friend and trying to be nicer is worth it.This is a cute book with a good lesson about friendship. It would be a good jumping-off point for discussions about triggers for cranky moods, such as being hungry or tired or frustrated. T [...]

    10. Short sentences convey the story quickly and make this an ideal picture book for new readers as well as young listeners. Sparse backgrounds ensure that the bunnies are the focus of this tale. Digital illustrations employ great pastel color choices and expressive characters’ faces. These sweet rabbits show that disagreements can happen every day, but it’s easy to forgive a friend. This would make a fine addition to any collection.

    11. These two bunny buddies have a little squabble in this book, but luckily they make up to each other by the end. There are some mean comments made, so it would be a book that would be good to read to children to teach them about bullying, how to avoid being one, and what to do when encountering one. It is short, so would be good for ECE level readers.

    12. A short and sweet tale of friendship! Prime for sharing and lots of smiles these bunny buddies go their own way only to find that it's better when you have someone to share it with.Would make a great "last book" for a friendship or rabbit storytime.

    13. Two Bunny Buddies is a story about friendship and compromise. Its simple, lyrical text makes it more like a board book than a true picture book. The art is bold with thick lines and plenty of "white" space.

    14. William liked to hear this every night for a bit. I think the reason was that he likes bunnies more than that he loved the story. It is a simple depiction of a disagreement small children might have and then how they might come back together again.

    15. Two buddy bunnies can't agree on what to snack on and go their desperate ways. They realize that it is best to share experiences with one another and come back to eat their findings together.

    16. I didn't like the name-calling, and in some of the pictures, the bunnies look like bloodthirsty vampires and/or zombies. Quite menacing, really.

    17. Simple picture book about friends fighting (both being right!) but then making up friendship and caring/sharing are more important in the end. Great teaching tool if used correctly.

    18. This book opens up the opportunity to talk to young kids about the fact that sometimes friends don't get along, but it's always good to make up after a fight.

    19. Great read aloud with nice big, clear artwork and simple text. Great message about friendship, working together.

    20. Two friends have a disagreement. When they find that they cannot celebrate fantastic finds without a friend to share them with, they make up.Good, simple book for toddler storytimes.

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