Baby Dear

Baby Dear is my brand new baby doll Daddy brought her to me on a very special day It was the day he brought.
Baby Dear Baby Dear is my brand new baby doll Daddy brought her to me on a very special day It was the day he brought

  • Title: Baby Dear
  • Author: Esther Burns Wilkin Eloise Wilkin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is my most loved book in the whole world and has been since I was a young girl. I first saw it at my friend's house when I was about ten and I longed to buy it but couldn't find a copy in the stores. She lent it to me for some time and I was so pleased. When I was in my twenties, I found a copy and was so happy to actually own it. I now have three copies and cherish each one. My favourite picture in the book is the one depicting the mother with her new baby daughter in the pram and her olde [...]

    2. Love this book!! It's not only because the drawings are beautiful, but also because my mother used to read this one to me before my baby sister arrived. Actually, she even bought me a doll just like the little girl in the book and she gave it to me when I visited her to the hospital to see my baby sister. So, I guess, this is a good book for parents to prepare their older ones for the arrival of a new baby (it worked for me at least).

    3. From an early age, I basically considered this book my biography.I was two when I got my new baby sister and the best baby doll in the world, a few months apart.This sweet story of a little girl mimicking her mother by taking care of her baby doll really spoke to me. My mother read me this book until it had to be duct taped together.I still have my original copy, as well as the doll I considered my "Baby Dear." I would love to get a fresh new copy as well some day.

    4. Baby Dear was my favorite early childhood book. My copy fell apart at the binding, and it was reinforced with masking tape. In high school, my mom and I found another copy and bought it. Such a wonderful story.

    5. This is one of Jenna's very favorite books and has been since she was around 2 yrs. old. She loves anything to do with babies and this book is no exception! In the story, a little girl (probably 3 or 4 years old) gets a special dolly when her new baby sister comes home from the hospital. She names her dolly Baby Dear and takes care of Baby Dear just like her mom takes care of the new baby. The 5-Star review is on Jenna's behalfI don't think I would rate it as high, at least not by today's standa [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book because the little girl had a doll that she loved very dearly. Everything that her mother did with the baby the little girl did with her baby doll. If the mother went for a walk with the baby, the little girl went for a walk with her doll. Anything that her mother did for the baby, the little girl did for her doll. At the end of the story the little girl says that the baby is her baby sister. She also says that someday when her baby sister gets older, then the little sister w [...]

    7. This is actually in a Little Golden Book collection called Sleepytime Tales, that we have.They don't produce stories like this anymore!! It is really a cute story about a little girl who gets a baby doll the same day her baby sister comes home from the hospital. Mommy and daughter take care of the babies together - feed them, change them, walk them, love them. This truly is how little girls should learn to take care of babies - by mimicking their mothers!It is obviously an old story - the illust [...]

    8. Mom comes home from the hospital after giving birth dressed in heels while her older daughter waits in a wood-paneled foyer with lamp in the shape of a native American's head. The central story of _Baby Dear_ is about a little girl who learns to mother a baby doll as she watches her mother take care of her new sibling, but it's hard to get past the visual elements that further ostracizes those not represented or presented in ridiculous ways in Golden Books of this period.

    9. I can fully understand why my friend is terrified of dolls after reading this book. In fact, I had to choose another book for our bedtime story, fearing this one would leave the little one with nightmares. It is super dated too; sure, it models some good basic behavior on interacting with babies, but it also suggests a never ending trap of domesticity that completely removes the father. I don't think I even bothered with the disclaimers on this one.

    10. Such a traditional "family' story by today's standards, but this was my favorite book when I was a kid. I just purchased it on ebay and am ridiculously looking forward to receiving it.Ironically, I was the youngest, so no new babies came after me and I never wanted, nor did I have children, but this sweet story of a young girl given her own 'baby' to care for when a new baby comes to the family still delights me.

    11. Yes I have two copies and I read them both to make sure they were the same. One is titled Baby Dear the Newer one is The New Baby. My opinion is they should have kept the same name, as they have another one titled The New Baby. It is written by Ruth and Harold Shane and illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. It is just as cute as this one. Both are in my top Little Golden Books.

    12. When I was in daycare one of the ladies who worked there gave me this book as a gift. I still have it and love it and plan to read it to my kids when I have them. Being given this book inspired me to learn to read sooner than my normal age group and made me into the book lover I am today. It's a sweet little children's book with adorable artwork and I'd recommend it to any child.

    13. This was one of my favorite books as a child, and is one of my daughter's favorite books.A little girl gets a dolly to take care of when her little sibling comes home from the hospital.It has lovely pictures and a simple, easy to read, story. Best of all it models nice behavior toward a new sibling, which is difficult to find.

    14. My parents gave me this book sometime when there was a new baby in our home. It is about a little girl who takes care of her baby doll while her mom takes care of the new baby. When I had my second baby my sister gave me another copy of this book, I read it to my children all the time. It is such a cute story. Copies of this book start at around $20.00.

    15. We have this book at home but it's terribly battered, so I'd like a new copy, especially in light of the new baby arriving soon. It's a gorgeous, old fashioned book - no working Mums or designer baby clothes involved here!

    16. Another one from our Eloise Wilkins treasury. This is another great story to bring out with a theme of new baby. Great for my daughters.

    17. This was my very favorite book when I was a child. I remember my mom reading it to me over and over and over. My favorite was the baby in the bath.

    18. I loved this book so much when I was little - maybe because I felt like I was the little girl that was taking care of her baby doll. Sweet, sweet book.

    19. This was my favorite book as a child. My mother got it for me when my little brother was born and I read it my children. Its pretty tattered but cherished none the less.

    20. My mom read this to me when my brother was born. Loved the book, hated my brother. Its ok, we're friends now!

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