Franklin Wants a Pet

In this Franklin Classic Storybook, Franklin can count forwards and backwards He can zip zippers and button buttons He can slide down a riverbank by himself He can even sleep alone in his small, dark shell And ever since he was small, he really wanted a pet.
Franklin Wants a Pet In this Franklin Classic Storybook Franklin can count forwards and backwards He can zip zippers and button buttons He can slide down a riverbank by himself He can even sleep alone in his small dark

  • Title: Franklin Wants a Pet
  • Author: Paulette Bourgeois
  • ISBN: 9781550742497
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Summary: This book tells the story of Franklin the Turtle and how he wants to own a pet. The book goes through his journey to find the perfect pet. Franklins asks all his friends that he encounters what pet they would have, and they give him advice. In the end Franklin gets a gold fish and he loves his pet! Evaluation:This is a good transitional book for kids aging between 6 and 7. Some of the vocabulary is a little large for 5 years olds, but the story line is fairly simple.Teaching Point:This [...]

    2. Summary: The book was about Franklin wanting a dog and talking to friends about different pets. Franklin ends up getting a goldfish and loves him.Evaluation: This book is a good book as a transitional reader for students 6-8 years old. There is some Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary that younger students may need more support with.Teaching Point: This book can be used to teach dialogue for Franklin interacts with multiple different characters.

    3. If you like the other books is the Franklin series you will like this one. Franklin has always wanted a pet and together with his family they try to figure out what the best pet will be for their family. And because it's Franklin it has a happy ending!

    4. Summary: Franklin desperately wants to get a real pet because he only has a stuffed animal. He discusses many different pets with his friends and ends up getting a goldfish! Evaluation: This is a transitional book that will help students (ages 6-8) transition into small chapter books. Teaching point: In the classroom, we could use this book as an example of "researching" and finding information about something before making a decision. Just as Franklin learned about many different pets before ge [...]

    5. Franklin could count by two, tie his shoes, sleep alone and had a best friend Bear, but Franklin wanted something else; he wanted a pet. Franklin waited for a long time after asking his parents over and over about having a pet. His parents did not refuse; their answer was "we will think about it." Franklin's friends proposed a bird for a pet, but he didn't like a bird because birds loud singing may wake him up too early; Franklin's friend, the beaver proposed a cat for a pet, but Franklin compla [...]

    6. I want to know what the rules are for this world. Why are some animals "people" that stand upright and talk, while others are simply pets? What if another character wanted a pet turtle?

    7. In the book Franklin Wants a Pet by Paulette Bourgeois, Franklin asks his parents time and time again if he can get a pet but every time they say “we will think about it”. Franklin goes off to play with his friend bear, who says he would get a bird as a pet if he got the chance. Next, Franklin plays with his friend Beaver who says he would get a pet cat if he got the chance, and Goose said he would get a pet bunny. That night at breakfast, Franklin brought his pet dog to the table to show hi [...]

    8. Franklin asks his parents if he can get a pet. After showing his parents that he is capable of being responsible for a pet, they decide that he can choose a pet. Franklin decides to get a goldfish. This book reveals responsibility and the benefits of this action. It is good for young readers because it shows that you need to work for things and be able to show you are responsible for a big event like getting a pet. This would be a good book to use in a classroom because it is something that most [...]

    9. What kindergartner can't identify with a child, even a child turtle, whose parents take SO long to make a decision? And who doesn't want a pet?Franklin books are always a good choice, with bright, clear pictures and warm, engaging stories. This one has suspense as well . . . will Franklin's parents say yes? They do, but more suspense follows. Franklin doesn't want a puppy! He doesn't even want a kitten! Franklin has both his parents and the kindergartners mystified until the end. . . and Erin is [...]

    10. What a great yardsale find!!My neighbor went out to a yardsale over the weekend and look what she brought me home!!A super sonic squee book about little Franklin who wants a pet.Zomg!! I melted at every picture!Franklin asks his parents if it would be cool if he had a pet. His parents said they would think about it. Awesome!! They didn't say 'no'!Over time, Franklin starts to get impatient but instead of asking his parents a zillion times what they decided, he instead visits his friends and asks [...]

    11. I love all of the Franklin books because they are all about topics that children can relate too! What child hasn't asked their parents for a pet? Franklin wants a pet, but his parents are reluctant to let him have one. This book is great because children can predict what pet Franklin wants to get. I would read this book during free time.

    12. Franklin is so great at relating to students in the kindergarten through second grade age groups. The pictures are so vibrant, they really capture the eye. In this particular story Franklin decides he wants a pet. I feel as if this is so common for many kids and they feel like they will relate to him. This story is perfect for reading out loud to the students.

    13. While I was reading this book, Nate (the 18 month old) was making kissie lips at me the whole time, and my heart melted! So precious!!! I felt so special, so I told his mom. Turns out that that’s Nate sign for (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!) fish. Yeah, Franklins pet turns out to be a goldfish, so Nate was making fishy lips, NOT kissie lips

    14. Franklin has been asking his parents for a pet for a very long time. At last they think he's ready and are willing to get him a pet. But, what kind of pet will Franklin get?Typical Franklin illustrations.

    15. A modern philosophical satire of human society, presenting paradoxical anomalies as it talks about ownership of nature. It also explicitly references the treatment of slaves throughout human history and addresses the problem objectively. A masterpiece of our time, truly.

    16. I liked these books when I was young, so it was fun to read them again in a new language. I love Franklin, even though this book was nearly beyond my comprehension. I will definitely read more as I get better at Spanish!

    17. Franklin gets advice on what pet to get from all of his friendsbut his mind is made up! He wants a goldfish. :D

    18. Cute. However, in the first book, Franklin in the Dark, on the cover is a picture of Franklin's fish Goldie in her bowl.

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    20. This story was very cute. All little Franklin wants is a pet and in the end he gets one. I was glad he didn't choose the typical dog for a pet. It was a very nice ending.

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