My Life

The visionary choreographer and dancer Isadora Duncan 1877 1927 not only revolutionized dance in the twentieth century but blazed a path for other visionaries who would follow in her wake While many biographies have explored Duncan s crucial role as one of the founders of modern dance, no other book has proved as critical as both historical record and vivid evocation ofThe visionary choreographer and dancer Isadora Duncan 1877 1927 not only revolutionized dance in the twentieth century but blazed a path for other visionaries who would follow in her wake While many biographies have explored Duncan s crucial role as one of the founders of modern dance, no other book has proved as critical as both historical record and vivid evocation of a riveting life as her autobiography From her early enchantment with classical music and poetry to her great successes abroad, to her sensational love affairs and headline grabbing personal tragedies, Duncan s story is a dramatic one My Life still stands alone as a great document, revealing the truth of her life as she understood it, without reticence or apology or compromise New York Herald Tribune Now, in this fully restored edition, with its risqu recollections and fervent idealism, My Life can be appreciated by a new generation.
My Life The visionary choreographer and dancer Isadora Duncan not only revolutionized dance in the twentieth century but blazed a path for other visionaries who would follow in her wake While many b

  • Title: My Life
  • Author: IsadoraDuncan Joan Acocella
  • ISBN: 9780871403186
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This autobiography by Isadora Duncan reads like a work of fiction. What a remarkable woman she was and what a remarkable life she lived. She was born in California in 1877, but she spent most of her life and career in Europe and Russia. By 1910 she was world famous with several dance schools across Europe. She was the mother of modern dance and she was a shooting star that streaked across the sky of the world she lived in. She died tragically in Paris at age 50 in a car accident, when the long s [...]

    2. I’m trying to figure out what to make of this book. More importantly, I’m trying to figure out if I would have liked this person if I met her in real life. She’s complex. Sometimes she talks out of both sides of her mouth, declaring one thing at one moment in the book and the opposite idea later. But then again, I value the ability to change your mind and evolve. She’s certainly a product of her time, but ignoring that fact, I have feeling I would have loved her but also found her annoyi [...]

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    5. I knew nothing about Isadora Duncan, the highly creative dancer, before I picked up a copy of her charming autobiography. It is only because I had recently discovered that she had spent some time in Albania, a country that fascinates me and about which I have written, that I decided to read this book.The book was highly enjoyable. She writes well and makes frequent allusions to, and uses quotes from, the great classical authors and also from Nietzche and other more recent writers. I felt that Is [...]

    6. In cases like these, memoirs of people who exceed life, what can be said about their writing when it's all about their lives? Does Duncan write well? She never claims to, in fact the opposite. Is her narrative well-crafted? Hardly, and she admits as much. So what I'd be rating here is her life rather than how she tells it, and that is really unratable because it exceeds all bounds of norms, bounds, the typical vicissitudes. I couldn't help but read her as a character, a Mme. Bovary meets some Ge [...]

    7. amazon/author/sergiupobereznicI know that I am probably going to commit Isadora Duncan sacrilege with this review, so before I begin, and for the record, I would like to state that the world is indebted and grateful for what Isadora Duncan achieved in her lifetime and what she stands for as an artist in the dance world. However, my critique is directed towards her writing (and perhaps her eccentric career claims) not her dance and career achievements. Although her fame is undoubtedly recognized [...]

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    9. I found this to be a remarkable book that held my interest from the beginning. She had an idea of what dance should be and how it should be performed. She left her home in San Francisco with her entire family and no money, hoping she could find someone in show business to understand what she wanted to bring to the stage. It wasn't to be in America, so they set sail to Europe where she found people willing to listen and let her express herself, her free spirit. People liked her style and she foun [...]

    10. Truly fantastic work! Duncan was so much more than a dancer. She was a dedicated scholar, one of the most free-thinking feminists I’ve encountered (some of her ideas would still be considered radical to some degree today), and a great writer. I was really surprised by the depth of her thinking and her understanding and passion for art in its many manifestations. She understood that one of the highest callings one can have in this life is art and that it is a spiritual pursuit—and she created [...]

    11. I thought it was interesting coming from her point of view, however it was extremely self-aggrandizing and showed that she had little insight into her own psyche. I would like to read other books about her to get a fuller picture of both the good and bad aspects of her character. The funny thing is, she does present her self as someone so flighty that she would get her scarf caught under the wheel of a car and die.

    12. DisappointingThe life of Isadora Duncan was undoubtedly worth writing about, but she was not the one to do it. Her turgid writing style and overblown dramatics make the autobiography almost unreadable. She had a great deal of sadness end reason for heartbreak but suffered excruciating highs and lows that may well have been part of her nature, and are exhausting to follow.

    13. My first edition 1928 copy of this book sprouted post-its in every direction as I researched my graphic biography of Isadora. Isadora's version of events is perhaps a little puffed up, perhaps not all written by her own hand, but it's still the closest you can get to this daredevil of a woman. When I found this memoir on my grandmother's shelf, Isadora became my first feminist heroine.

    14. Какое же счастье с раннего детства знать своё призвание и иметь достаточно упорства и такую непоколебимую веру в себя, чтобы никто и ничто не сбило с пути. Цена, правда, тоже огромна. Зато какая жизнь!

    15. I loved this book because it told Her-Story!!!She takes us on a ride into her world of being free. Ms Duncan died tragically but lived vicariously thrilling !!!She has been called the 'Mother of Modern Dance'. She was inflenced by the classics, especially Greek Myth, where she danced in grecian tunics. She had sexual escapades in the early 1900's that people shunned but today is the norm. She refused to be involved in anything that constricted her individuality!!!I totally felt her character and [...]

    16. Not a modest bone in the body of the mother of modern dance. Interesting life--if half of it is true--but so mellow-dramatic and self indulgent it was hard to actually want to keep reading. But, when all is said and done she is definitely a rock star, and I am glad I finished it.

    17. I laughed a couple of times and could relate to some of her thoughts, but overall for some reason I found it a little self-absorbed.

    18. Wow, what a fascinating woman and she writes beautifully. I am not really even a fan of her dancing but her story is fantastic. I recommend it as an interesting biography.

    19. Duncan wasn't a writer, but her autobiography nonetheless contains many beautiful thoughts, and fleshes out the thinking and experiences of a very inspirational trailblazer.

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    21. I am ashamed to admit that I had not heard of Isadora Duncan till I read this autobiography of hers. By all accounts, her name should go down in the annals of history as she was a visionary of the Arts who broken the shackles of tradition with her expressive dance form. What an amazing individual and what an amazing life she lived. When Duncan discourses on dance, her words come to life and you can almost picture her fluid, easy, sensuous and lithe body expressing all that is beauty and light. H [...]

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    23. Isadora Duncan était une femme forte, révolutionnaire, végétarienne, féministe avant l'heure et sure d'elle. J'ai adoré découvrir sa vie après dans cette autobiographie si poétique. La conclusion de l'ouvrage est très belle bien que quelques années avant sa mort. Elle finira par se marier, pourtant contre cette idée toute sa vie. J'aurais aimé avoir son ressenti sur cette expérience ainsi que sur ses quelques années en Russie.

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    25. I've been working on this one for months and I guess it's time to admit that I just can't get through it. Isadora Duncan was clearly not a writer.

    26. An epic though sad story of a brilliant woman who was ahead of her time. It sparkles with wisdom, classical music, romance, and culture.

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