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  1. At first I really didnt know what to expect. I was like 'hey mister police dude, why are you being so harsh. This woman is traumatised" then I was like ooooohhhh, ok, I see now. I really enjoyed this short story and wouldnt put it down until the end. For a short story it has a great twist at the end and I really felt for the family. Yet again, another great short, Regina!!

  2. Wow, what an unexpected ending! I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. Whenever an ending is nothing I imagined it would be until the moment I get there then it's a story that has succeeded in keeping me hooked right to the last word! Thanks for a great story, Regina!

  3. Gripping & Intense!PIECES is a horrific, suspenseful, well-written short story. See what years of abuse can do to a woman. You will be shocked. The ending was mind-blowing!

  4. I downloaded this gem of a short story a short while ago, but only had time to read it this weekend. Two words, holy cow!!! Up until now, most of the short stories I've read were preludes to a series, so more like a character intro, but without a beginning, middle and end. Not so with Pieces. The conclusion blew me away. Regina Pucket delivered the story of a woman who suffered a lifetime of abuse at the hands of her husband, and she may have snapped. When detectives question her about the death [...]

  5. I absolutely love Ms Puckett's stories and am always excited to start a new one. Her stories are always mind benders and the reader can't take anything for granted. I've said it before and I'll say it again When reading Ms Puckett's stories never think you know what's coming next. Don't even try to figure out where the story may go because you'll be wrong, and the twist it does take will always be in a direction that shocks and surprises! By all means, I'd recommend this story if you want a sati [...]

  6. Short fiction. Kelli Sharpe wakes up in a hospital bed to be informed - quite bluntly - of her husband's demise. From this anchor point the story unfurls and, without giving too much away, it would be fair to say Kelli is not exactly distressed to learn of the death. This should be an extremely original insight into one of the most enticing plots. It raises issues of vengeance and that wonderful word 'closure', but essentially it is a simple question - how do you resolve the problem of the monst [...]

  7. An abused wife, a dead husband, and a confession. It all sounds so cut and dry, but things are not at all what they seem in Regina Puckett's new book "Pieces"Abusive husbands everywhere, beware!

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