Science-Fiction Classics: The Stories That Morphed into Movies

A collection of fifteen classic science fiction stories that grew up to be movies.
Science Fiction Classics The Stories That Morphed into Movies A collection of fifteen classic science fiction stories that grew up to be movies

  • Title: Science-Fiction Classics: The Stories That Morphed into Movies
  • Author: Forrest J. Ackerman
  • ISBN: 9781575000404
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I recently watched the cult classic "They Live" again, introducing my girlfriend to it. In the credits was the note that this was based on the short story, "Eight O'Clock In The Morning" by Ray Nelson.Now for years, I'd been meaning to read the story but that was one of those little errands that got pushed to the background. Well I finally managed to get around to it. My local library did not have anything in particular by Ray Nelson but I did find the story in this anthology. The book was a tre [...]

    2. The quality level of the stories varies: 'FP1 Does Not Respond' in interminable; 'The Alien Machine' was so good it made me crave another viewing of 'This Island Earth.' On the whole, it's a great concept for an anthology and there's enough gold here to make it well worth the read. I'll have to track down some of the more obscure films and see how the stories look when they make it to the big screen.

    3. This is an fun collection of 13 stories and 2 novels that were made into movies, edited and with an Introduction by "Mr. Science Fiction" himself, Forrest J. Ackerman. These stories display that Sense of Wonder, which was, in my opinion, the most essential ingredient in the Science Fiction from the 1930's to around the end of the 1950's. Most of these stories were written during that period, but the ones published later are also entertaining. These stories vary widely in subject matter, but the [...]

    4. I'm not actually a huge fan of most old-timey sci-fi, so most of these stories, while good for what they are, aren't my cup of tea.I mainly wanted to read "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" (the basis of the movie "They Live") and "Who Goes There?" (the basis of "The Thing", both the old black and white one and the John Carpenter one).I found "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" to be really disappointing and barely even a story."Who Goes There?" on the other hand was a great sci-fi horror tale; creepy ex [...]

    5. I got this book for the story "The Veldt" because it was recommended as a great short sci-fi story. Didn't do much for me. It was a story of a house in the future that would do everything for you: cook your meals, entertain you, and raise your children. Of course with a house like that you would have evil, selfish children who are homicidal, right? This story was trite and superficial. Perhaps at the time it was written it was mind shattering, but not anymore. Not worth the time.

    6. Disappointing that some of the stories are too dated. I was actually afraid to reread The Adaptive Ultimate because I loved Stanley Weinbaum's stories and I hated to think I might have outgrown them. Bradbury, okay, but the rest, meh.

    7. A fun read. All the stories in this book were later made into sci-fi movies. They range in quality from the merely serviceable to the classic.

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