The Trouble With Angel

Living in swanky LA, via the barrio, Angel Vargas is happy with his life Great job, great boss, and he can keep an eye on his mom The one thorn in his side is major league pitcher Brandon Halvorsen, The Great Dane The stuffy, stick in the mud straight guy is one of his boss best clients, and the guy annoys the hell out of Angel Huge changes are happening in Brandon sLiving in swanky LA, via the barrio, Angel Vargas is happy with his life Great job, great boss, and he can keep an eye on his mom The one thorn in his side is major league pitcher Brandon Halvorsen, The Great Dane The stuffy, stick in the mud straight guy is one of his boss best clients, and the guy annoys the hell out of Angel Huge changes are happening in Brandon s life, and he needs help Becoming an instant father was not on his list of things to do Ever He sure as heck wasn t planning on the snotty, gorgeous Angel being the solution to his problem, but stranger things have happened What happens when hip, LA cool Angel is dragged into famous jock Brandon s world Life gets interesting, and hot, in a hurry.
The Trouble With Angel Living in swanky LA via the barrio Angel Vargas is happy with his life Great job great boss and he can keep an eye on his mom The one thorn in his side is major league pitcher Brandon Halvorsen T

  • Title: The Trouble With Angel
  • Author: J.M. Cartwright
  • ISBN: 9781610402163
  • Page: 365
  • Format: ebook
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    1. After a quick reread, I have to downgrade this. I'm sorry, but no. There were parts that were definitely okay and some even entertaining. But I'm still feeling personally offended by how Angel gets and lets himself be treated. Argh. Aside from a completely unbelievable story line, Brandon is just such an incredible ASSHAT I wanted to use his head as a bowling ball. Dude.Original review:2.5-3I read The Trouble With Angel right after Brainy and the Beast (which I really enjoyed, by the way) and I [...]

    2. A couple of reviews I read (prior to reading this book) said that the story didn't exactly win for the "depth" or "idea" of making the kids live with someone completely not related to the family. I agree with that. This story wins for it being fun and light and OMG the men with kids!!! What can I say, I'm a sucker for stories that involve kids and pets. This story has both (though the pets came later) and it just makes me darn happy.Angel is high-maintenance and has a temper, but at the same tim [...]

    3. This. This is zany and out there and I like it.The chapter breaks are terrible.Angel seems ratherADHD/Bi-polar at time *cough cough* most of the time.He is such a queen it's not even funny.I didn't even mind the sex. That is, not until it got to the rimming part. And then I kind of sat and thought about what problems I had. I think it's cuz of the small measure of mysophobia I got going on. In the end, it's still an asshole and it's still where the shit is expelled from your body. Now, I don't k [...]

    4. I loved this book! Angel and Brandon were smokin' hot together and add in the kidsjust loved it. :) I enjoyed CeCe (from 'Change of Tune') being Angel's boss and the mention of Johnny Rayne. I just wished he had a cameo! Highly recommended. :)

    5. For me, it was funny to read some reviews about how "poor Angel" was treated by Brandon and the way Brandon forced Angel into relationship.Well ladies, Angel didn't make any efford to run away, he got the chance to spent money as he pleased, going shopping with a gold credit card, and driving a new 60.000 dollar car that was giving to him by Brendon opps perhaps they forgot that part. This brat, who dress up from top to bottom in very expensive clothing didn't have any issues to staying with Bra [...]

    6. I loved thisI can totally appreciate "complex and powerful" stories with redemption of deeply flawed characters, but you know? sometimes it's just really great to read a sweet story with endearing characters who happen to live in a nice suburb of Over the Rainbow. (no pun intended) This is absolutely going in my "Happy Days" folder for when I need a reliable pick-me-up, either from a crappy day or as mental/emotional "Tums" for apres-angst reading. (you know, after one of those Redemption Throug [...]

    7. First of - Lilia, thank you so much for letting me borrow this book! Unfortunately, I don't think I can finish it :( The way Brandon forced Angel into relationship, and with kids, too(!) is not right.Brandon and Cece-the-madam are driving poor Angel (and me equally) insane and for many reasons.(view spoiler)[- If Brandon has full legal custody of the kids, why the circus at the minister's place? Why bring anyone at all and then lie about your relationship to the minister(!) and the kids(!)? - We [...]

    8. I struggled between a 3.5 and a 4 rating, but I stayed up on a work-night until 2 AM finishing it, so obviously despite some very personal issues I had, the quality of the book I think is 4 stars. Angel has fought his way out of East LA. He's now a fashionista who works for an entertainment agent. When his boss has other commitments she sends him to help out client Brandon, a pro baseball player. Angel has always found Brandon attractive, but Brandon comes across as arrogant and aloof and straig [...]

    9. Angel was a bit of a chick-with-dick character. The roles were a bit "heterosexualised", with Dane as the man and Angel playing the role of the woman. A silly woman. But strangely, though I cringed a lot, I also laughed a lot. Angel was so excessive, his behaviour was so outrageous that I could not help but like him. I kept thinking: is he real? Well, I know he is not, it is fiction, but you know the feeling. His outrageousness and funny comments made me think of some Ethan Day characters.And on [...]

    10. This story had my inner romantic sap, twirling around in glee. I honestly don't think this book will be for everyone. I would recommend reading it when in the mood for a sugary-sweet romance. The kids are a very nice and funny addition, that left me very satisfied.Review to come soon!

    11. Grrr! A "gay" version of Green Acres, is my best guess as to the point of this horrible nonsense. I'll leave you to work out which character in the book was Eva Gabor and which was Arnold the talking pig.

    12. I loved it! I loved both Brandon and Angel and the kids were great also. This was a getting to know each other and becoming a family story.

    13. The Pros and Cons of this book, IMOLet me start with The Pros[image error]First the kids! I love both! Marisa broken my heart to many times! Such CUTE girl! And Trey trying so hard to be the big tough brother to Marisa! Love them!!!! Brandon is a little manipulative, but I like him too! A LOT! A baseball player in the closet, and trying very hard to give Marisa and Trey a good house, and a chance to be happy again.The story is original, and I liked it. I think it was the first story with a baseb [...]

    14. This book has become a definite favorite, one of those feel-good stories that I can turn to when I desperately need to be cheered up. It's a pretty simple story with no bad guys, no stupid, easily avoided misunderstandings or unnecessary conflicts. Yeah there cute kids and puppies, but I found it sweet without crossing the line into sugary. Basically, I just loved the whole set-up. I have a weakness for stories about creating a family, which is an ongoing theme of Cartwright's, and one of the re [...]

    15. The Trouble With Angel follows a similar theme as found in Cartwright's A Change of Tune and A Change of Scenery.Brandon, a professional baseball player and single, has become the legal guardian of his late friend Sandy's two orphaned grandchildren, Trey and Marisa. Concerned about meeting these two children for the first time, he asks his agent CeCe (also Johnny's agent in Change in Tune) for help. However, he ends up with the volatile Angel (an employee of CeCe) when she is unable, at short no [...]

    16. **4.5 stars**I'm a sucker for men with kids but I think I would have liked this regardless. Angel is a hoot - I love his clothes addiction and his wise-ass, sarcastic remarks. He's totally strong on the outside but soft and mushy on the inside.Brandon was a little hard to figure out at first and I have to admit there are still some things I'm curious about with regards to him, such as what happened to his baseball career and why wasn't he playing when all this was going on. I might have just mis [...]

    17. I enjoyed this story very much. It was perhaps a bit too easy, the way Angel went with the development, but - hey, it's romance and I was in the right mood:). The kids were cute and believable, especially Trey with his difficulties to adjust to the new situation. This was one of the books, where I thought the Epilogue was unnecessary.

    18. Somehow I couldn't believe in the story, and therefore I struggled with the book. The MCs did nothing to improve my interest in the book, too.

    19. Very good m/m romance about a pro baseball player who suddenly has two kids to take care of, so he shanghais his agent's assistant into helping him with the kids.

    20. Pretty entertaining in a suspend your disbelief of the "pretend relationship" variety. No sports at all though.

    21. 2014 Re-read:Ah, this was so much better than I remembered. And I did not remember it as bad to begin with.Maybe part of it is the relief in reading something that’s solidly written and characterized again after such a long detour into… okay I won’t be mean about that. But it sure felt nice to read an actual romance again, one that took time to develop and despite its beginnings did not actually focus on sex too much.In comparison to the other books I’ve read by this author, maybe I part [...]

    22. It seems I am at the beginning of a trifecta of similar books. We'll see I suppose.In this one an executive assistant at a talent agency, Angel has worked very hard to hide his past and Brandon, a professional baseball player, has been hiding who he really is from the world. Now thrown together in highly sensitive circumstances, these two might find out they have a a spark. This story was almost great, but ended up falling flat. We joined the story too late to maybe they started their story too [...]

    23. 3.5 stars really. Ok, so I loved the characters and the warmth and humour. Overall this book made me smile and I really enjoyed it. Now normally that would automatically earn it 4 stars but unfortunately there were some major defects that I couldn't get my head around. Firstly, the whole basic premise was ridiculous. A closeted Bi man wants someone to go with him to pick up his wards from a minister and seems to be concerned about the ministers approval. He plans to take a woman but then ends up [...]

    24. What a wonderful story of Angel and Brandon making a family together out of a tragic situation. I love Brandon's honest approach of taking those children as their guardian, not having all the answers, but doing what is right for them. He made those kids his first priority and treated them with respect. That touched me. Angel made me laugh throughout the story. He was adorable! They were building something together but it took some time before Angel would admit it to himself let alone Brandon. In [...]

    25. 3.5 StarsI was so happy to read about a soon to be relationship with kids. A change from the usual meet and greet stories. I love the whole aspect of the ins-and-outs of dating and getting to know the likes and dislikes of the characters. Although the story kept me engaged until the end, I did have some issues(tongue jabbing/stabbing, Angels' overreacting, etc) with this semi-sweet read. However, I must have read this at the right time because I really liked it and would recommend it to any read [...]

    26. I donno if I like this book a lot or just like it. I kind of expected it to involve more around sports, but was disappointed to find that the only thing involving sports was Brandon's title. He didn't even play catch with Trey. I did however like it for the plot. It was nice to read a bout a family that suddenly came together and had to make the best of it in a whole different environment. There could've been more conflicts going on, like the children have more difficulties adapting. Everything [...]

    27. I liked reading this book. Angel is really an interesting character. The two kids are good too, with depth. (view spoiler)[However, it is a bit too much conflict free to me. And I love sweet sappy books! The story could have been a bit more interesting if when CeCe called about Johnny, Angel really wanted to go; or even better, prepared his belonging to go. Brandon is a bit too perfect, so it's a but imbalanced. I also want to know more about what happened to Angel in the past that it's very dif [...]

    28. I wanted Angel to show more spine. It irked me to the point of stopping what Brandon did. They didn't know each other that well and he just roped Angel to be pretend boyfriend? And for such a half-assed reason too! ! He forced Angel to follow him, did not deign it necessary to explain the situation, moving everyone to a dump and did not bother to prepare everything to live there with 2 kids in tow. Also, he was to be retired athlete, so shouldn't be a top priority to an agent, why should Angel b [...]

    29. 4 1/2 stars!This book is about good people. There isn’t a lot of angst or silliness like snipers trying to pick one of them off. One character who at first appears to be a bigot turns into one of their best friends. It’s just a nice book about two men falling in love and raising a family. And what can be more pleasant to read than that? I enjoyed this book very much. I am quickly working my way through Ms Cartwright’s backlist because I simply love her style of writing, the characters she [...]

    30. I had a hard time deciding between a 4 and 5 for this one. It's not one of the best stories I've read but it was very entertaining and engaging. I loved the character of Angel (Brandon not as much though) and while the kids were cute they didn't overpower the storyline. Cute, sweet, at times humorous and with some smokin' hot sex as well this book definitely pushed most of my "reading buttons" which pushed it to 5 stars for me.

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