A Stylist's Guide To NYC

A guide to interior stylist Sibella Court s favorite stores, markets, boutiques, galleries, and eateries in New York City, divided into sections such as Jewelry Hardware, Haberdashery Handmade, and Oddities Curiosities, and complete with full color photographs, maps, indexes, and descriptions.
A Stylist s Guide To NYC A guide to interior stylist Sibella Court s favorite stores markets boutiques galleries and eateries in New York City divided into sections such as Jewelry Hardware Haberdashery Handmade and Od

  • Title: A Stylist's Guide To NYC
  • Author: Sibella Court
  • ISBN: 9781742661087
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “A Stylist's Guide To NYC”

    1. I stumbled upon this book at my library, not shelved with the rest of the travel guide books, but on a shelf all by itself. Whether or not you're planning a trip to NY in the near future, this book is worth checking out of the library simply for the design. The author divides the book into thematic loops which can be visited over the course of a day. There's a haberdashery loop, a paper loop, design loop, art loop etc Some of the spots are mentioned on more than one loop, but that speaks to her [...]

    2. Insanely beautiful - I could stare at the colors, textures, photos, & descriptions of NYC neighborhoods, galleries, & shops for a million hours. This book is so well-made - more of a collector's item than a guidebook.

    3. Das ist kein gewöhnlicher Reiseführer. Das befand ich an sich für gut. Mich stört die Auswahl an Shops, denn entweder muss man dort wohnen um das was man in den empfohlenen Läden zu kaufen bekommt auch benutzen kann (Möbel!) oder eher mehr als weniger verdienen. Das Buch hat sicher eine Zielgruppe, ich bin diese nicht. Nach 2 Kapiteln habe ich nur noch lose durchgeblättert und die Bilder angeschaut.

    4. Great stylist/travel guide. I am glad I got it as a present before our trip to NYC. Some of the places recommended are worth visiting, others are obviously recommended because the author has some fond memories of the places that might not translate to everybody's taste. Nevertheless worth it for anybody interested in styling, decoration and fashion.

    5. this is a beuatiful looking book, reminds me of a mood board, it is all in colour and on beautiful paper, but I think it is only really worthwhile if you are going to stay for a while or live in new york

    6. A great book for stylists or anyone who loves to shop. I use it as a guide to map out my expeditions in New York and it has also served well as an industry reference file for my work in design and styling.

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