The Next Full Moon

This thoroughly compelling, gorgeously told tale, begins as the weather turns warm enough to swim in the local lake, twelve year old Ava is looking forward to a lazy summer, and her crush, Jeff is most definitely taking notice of her Everything is going beautifully Until Ava starts to grow feathers all over her shoulders, arms, and back Horrified, mortified, and clad inThis thoroughly compelling, gorgeously told tale, begins as the weather turns warm enough to swim in the local lake, twelve year old Ava is looking forward to a lazy summer, and her crush, Jeff is most definitely taking notice of her Everything is going beautifully Until Ava starts to grow feathers all over her shoulders, arms, and back Horrified, mortified, and clad in a hoodie, she hides out in her bedroom missing her dead mother and worrying about the summer, and the rest of her freakish life Carolyn Turgeon has a gift for imagining magical worlds In Ava s case, this other worldly place belongs to the Swan Maidens, one of whom is Ava s mother Ava goes back and forth between middle school and this magical realm taking the reader along for an exhilarating, extraordinary ride.
The Next Full Moon This thoroughly compelling gorgeously told tale begins as the weather turns warm enough to swim in the local lake twelve year old Ava is looking forward to a lazy summer and her crush Jeff is mos

  • Title: The Next Full Moon
  • Author: Carolyn Turgeon
  • ISBN: 9781935703341
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Next Full Moon”

    1. Once upon a time, an almost 13 year old girl is on her way to enjoying a day at the lake when she begins to sprout feathers. Is she a freak? Or is there something special about her?I honestly didn't realize that this was a juvenile/middle reader book until I started reading it (though I had a good idea it was when I bought it, based on the price). I don't typically read a whole lot of books from this age group for whatever reason, so reading something for the tween set was an interesting departu [...]

    2. Fast read. It can be finished within about an hour & a half with only 185 pages. Maybe less. I finished in one sitting. The story reminded me of the fairy tale of the girl and her swan brothers. I can't recall the name. My memory fails me, but I recall reading it when I was little. In this modern story, summer is just beginning for Ava, and with it comes the interest of the cute boy at school. Just as everything seems to be falling in place for her, she wakes one morning to a single floating [...]

    3. The story wasn't bad, but it felt more like an introduction to what could have been an amazing saga. I know this book is intended for much younger readers, but you are really left hanging at the end of the story.The story follows a young twelve year old girl who's about to turn 13 and notices that she's growing feathers in her body. Of course, she freaks out and as she tries to figure out what's happening to her, she still goes through her normal transition period of having a crush on the popula [...]

    4. Awesome! Absolutely loved it! I kinda wish it was not a YA book simply cause then it would be longer! None the less a thoroughly sweet fairy-tale-esque coming-of-age story about a 12 year old girl who starts to grow feathers to tell any more would give it away. Big smile on my face!

    5. Really excited for this book, just waiting for the Nook version to be available, I've already preordered it!

    6. Loved the cover art and the idea behind the story but it was too much like living in a 12-year old's head. Which I guess it who it was written for.

    7. great book! definitely for more of a teenage audience and there were so many questions left unanswered! Has a similar feel to the Disney Channel Original Movie "The Thirteenth Year" in a way if you've ever seen it you'd get what I mean. but loved the story line. a little agitated with how whiny she got at a certain part but i pushed through. What teenage girls don't get desperate and whine sometimes?

    8. I purchased this book by mistake not realizing it was written for a MUCH younger reader. That said it was cuterfect for that young lady in your life :) It was full of heart and whimsy

    9. I did not realize that this was juvenile fiction until I started reading, but it was still good. Tween love is quite obnoxious, but Carolyn definitely portrayed it accurately, and I'll admit it was kinda cute. For a middle grader, I think this is a good book. However, I felt very underwhelmed by the ending. There was this buildup about finally meeting her mom and then they mentioned her having to choose between the two worlds. We never really meet her mom and it never comes to the point of choos [...]

    10. THE NEXT FULL MOON is Carolyn Turgeon's first non-adult novel. Last year, I reviewed both MERMAID and GODMOTHER for Fairy Tale Fortnight, and Carolyn took the time to participate in a great interview. I was so excited when she told us that she was about to publish her first middle-grade novel and have been looking forward to it ever since, because I loved her other two novels so much (And I STILL need to find a copy of RAIN VILLAGE, the only book I haven't read by her!).While THE NEXT FULL MOON [...]

    11. Carolyn Turgeon is a master of fantasy and fairytales. I absolutely loved her darker adult fairytale retellings--Mermaid, Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story, and Fairest of All. This book is targeted at a way younger audience, so it isn't nearly as powerful or mature, but it's still a fun, quick, one-day read. There's not all that much of a plot, and it reads more as a beginning than an actual story. I kept expecting a conflict to pop up (when Ava tore her cape, when she lost it in the woods [...]

    12. Ava's a well-written character --- she's a believable 12 year-old, with her emotions sometimes on a bit of a rollercoaster, just over a boy she likes (not to mention the whole feather thing). Lucky for her, she's got a good best friend (even if she's a bit odd at times), and a supportive father. She's annoyingly impulsive at times, but at the same time, pretty thoughtful about what she begins to learn about the Swan Maidens. I also liked how the author gives us a different twist on the whole gro [...]

    13. A special radiance seems to emanate from this novel. The prose swims dreamily from one description of glimmer to another. Light, especially moonlight, plays such an integral part of this book that you almost expect the pages to glow in the dark. It adds just the right touch to this story of swan maidens who seem to have a special link with the lunar orb that shines in the night sky.Ms. Turgeon manages the tricky feat of capturing the character Ava’s elusive mother, a fey creature who disappear [...]

    14. I love Carolyn Turgeon's books, so I had to snatch up this book when I had the chance. Some thoughts:- Like her other books, I finished reading this and felt at peace. Ava reminded me of the fairy godmother in another one of Carolyn's books.- It is a book about transitions rather than a solid, action packed plot. - Believable characters and mindset for a 12 year old!- casual conversational writing mixed with poetic, descriptive phrases- beautiful & emotional endingMy only complaint is that t [...]

    15. The Next Full Moon was the first book that I read freely. By that, I mean it was not a story to be read for school. I am utterly thankful that my sister gave this book to me. Not only did I devour this book, it made me enjoy reading. It destroyed my previous thoughts on books, which were quite negative.Now, onto the story. I adored the magic in this book. Carolyn Turgeon is an excellent writer and has a talent for creating details as clear as a crystal. I was able to envision the magic impending [...]

    16. The first book I read by Carolyn Turgeon was Mermaid and it was labeled as just a regular fiction, not teen or anything like that, so I wrongly assumed that all of her books were in that category! This book is for ages 9 and up, but it was still a good book to read! I appreciate the author taking old fairy tales that we all know (this one is based off of swan lake) and revamping them, but not totally changing the story. It was a very good book and a very quick read and I cannot wait to read the [...]

    17. Ava Lewis is just about to turn 13 and school is almost out for the summer. One trip to the lake with her best friend Morgan and her crush Jeff Jackson changed her whole world. She starts to grow feathers.This is a beautiful, magical coming of age fairytale. Reading this book was like riding a rainbow made of sunshine and candy! I absolutly loved it. I immediately gave it to my daughter to read, she is 10. I recommend this book for all those who are looking for some magic in their lives. I have [...]

    18. I received five free copies of this book from the publisher, and I can't wait to share it with my 8th grade students. Fantasy and having a main character turn into a swan isn't usually my cup of tea, but I ended up thoroughly enjoying the storyline. The moral of the story is to just enjoy who you are, even if you are different from the rest of the crowd. I found myself wanting to keep reading to find out what happens to the main character. I also think that my students will enjoy the romance par [...]

    19. This was a nice, easy read; laced with lightheartedness and happy endings to break the monotony of our despairing and desparate world.I liked the Swan Maiden concept that Carolyn Turgeon brought to life, one which could most certainly evolve into a modern faerie tale. Obviously, it's clear I enjoyed the book overall, but the story was too juvenile for my taste (then again, I knew it would be). But the writing was decent, the plot and setting were both well-constructed and described. And the last [...]

    20. Totally adorable.A fabulous book for 4th - 10th? grade maybe??I read it EASILY in two nights - a short story, a FAB coming-of-age book with some normal every-day girl stuff and some paranormal, fun stuff.My 9 year old wanted to read it, so I did it first.Fun. And I'd totally read more from this author.

    21. Interesting tweener novel -- think swan maidens instead of werewolves. Not too graphic but spend some time on early adolescent relationships (though it starts with an adult relationship). Interesting read as a young girl struggles with her identity and her heritage. 2013 IRA Intermediate Fiction nominee.

    22. This was a very interesting story. I felt the author captured the angst and urgency of being a young girl on the verge of becoming a teenager. The main character was changing ( literally and figurative). It was a quick read and the story flowed quite nicely. I enjoyed it, a very good back to school read for girls getting back to the grind of school.

    23. When Ava, a motherless girl, nears thirteen, she begins to grow feathers. Ashamed at first, she tries to hide them, until she realizes the magical world they open up. Girls will enjoy the way Ava blossoms as the story progresses, her hilarious best friend Morgan, their budding relationships with boys, and the fun they have planning her thirteenth birthday party.

    24. I bought this book with a bunch of other Carolyn turgerons not realizing it was a YA novel. Unlike her other novels which have the fantasy element with twists and turns that make the reader uncomfortable (which I like) this was a cute kids book. Ok, but not what I was looking for.

    25. I bought this book for a friends daughter and decided to give it a quick read. It's about a girl going through the changes of awkward preteen to teenager, with a twist. She learns she is a swan maiden.

    26. A very quick read. No bad guy really so it was a bit dull it was really just about her coping with being a swan maiden. A very happy go lucky innocent kind of book. Great summer read for middle grade readers. Still it had style and reminded me of the Swan Princess.

    27. This selection was a First Reads win.I love fairy tales! Carolyn Turgeon puts a modern twist on a classic "Ugly Duckling" story. Filled with teenage drama and middle school angst, it is a perfect selection for young adults.

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